Please check with us our availability of classes and the necessary costs. Enrollment is valid upon return of a completed registration form together along with the necessary payment. For all newcomers for art classes (except adult painting), a one-off registration fee of HK$200 is required to cover administration.

Once you have filled out the registration form, you may download and email it to Additionally, you could also submit it in person on your first visit.

Registration Form

Course Fees:

Art Classes:

Fees are HK$2,000 per 4 sessions payable at the beginning of the payment period. Each session is a 1.5-hour duration. The payment period is valid for two months, beyond which any paid session not taken is forfeited. Payment can be made in cash or cheque. Lessons are usually taken once a week, and students are requested to set a date and a time during the week for lessons. Costs for all materials and tools are not included. Any items that we help purchase will be reimbursed to us.

Adult Painting:

Fees are HK$2,400 per 4 sessions payable at the beginning of the payment period. Each session is a 2-hour duration. Lessons are usually taken once a week. However, they can be as frequent as one wishes provided we are available. No registration is required.

Art Jamming Parties:

A group of minimum 8 people at a cost of HK$500 per person. Duration is 3 hours. Painting materials and tools will be provided. These include supply of acrylic paints, palettes, standard size (12"x16" or 12"x12") canvases per participants, brushes, markers and cleaning materials. All participants are expected to be painting. Any child participant should be supervised by an adult participant.

Other art-related activities: a one-off booking fee for the event will be discussed based on specific requests.

Special Workshops:

Special topics workshops will be exclusively run from time to time to meet any needs from our students, and to add dimensions to our skills learning and creativity development. They are usually run as one-off 3-hour intensive skills drilling sessions. Fee rate may vary depending on the necessary sessions required, however the standard rate is HK$800 per person for one session. Notices will be posted 2-3 weeks in advance.