Adult Painting

Adult Painting


Sketching .. Watercolour .. Oil Paint .. Acrylic Paint .. Chalk Pastels .. Oil Pastels .. Mixed media


Teaching: Our teaching method is very much of a personal coaching style, especially at the beginning. We adopt a systematic, step-by-step approach in teaching all basic skills in drawing, and effective use of materials and tools. Learners can be either experienced artists and wish to brush up their skills and/or try a different medium, or they can simply be completely new beginners.

Learning: Learners please let us know what their specific requirements are, eg styles, preferences, purposes, studio/outdoor painting etc so that the teaching and learning can be effective and enjoyable.

Costs and Fees:

Fees are HK$2,400 per 4 sessions payable at the beginning of the payment period. Each session is a 2-hour duration. Lessons are usually taken once a week. However, they can be as frequent as one wishes provided we are available. The payment period is valid for two months, beyond which any paid session not taken is forfeited. Payment can be made in cash or cheque.

Costs for all materials and tools are not included. Any items that we help purchase will be reimbursed to us. We are happy to store your materials and tools, and any work-in-progress, while you work with us.


Schedule for our adult painting sessions has been fexible to accommodate part-time or full-time job holders, and frequent travellers. Please call and check with us your preferred day and time.